Funding Your Degree


  • Go to our departmental stipend page for information on our policies regarding your stipend as a thesis student.
  • Go to our graduate fees page to find out about paying your bills; part-time fees; the reduced fees you can pay if living or working a long way from Guelph; and the date-related schedule of refunds (very important if you need to take a semester of leave, and when timing your defence). 
  • Go to 'claiming for expenses & hours worked' if you have receipts that require reimbursement; have you attended a conference that is to be covered by your advisor; or done paid work outside of your laboratory that you need to claim for. This page has financial information unique to our department that may be useful for you.
  • Our scholarships and awards table gives an overview of the main scholarships and awards available, and their deadlines around the academic year, from Fall through to Summer. It contains the same information as the poster in the hallway by the main office, but with live links to the relevant websites. But like the poster, it is not 100% comprehensive: smaller awards are not included, and new awards are created regularly too (which may post-date this list). So please also keep an eye on your email for updates, and also use Student Financial Services’ excellent Graduate Awards Search Tool.  And to apply for Department-specific awards, please use the following form: Graduate Scholarship Application Form 2017 (to be updated August 2018).
  • Finally, our Teaching Assistant positions page outlines how you can apply for Graduate Teaching Assistantships that can provide both useful extra income and valuable teaching experience to aid your professional development.