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Alison Gelinas

Position/Title: M.Sc (Thesis) Student
Phone: 226-678-4619

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I grew up in London, Ontario, and focused my schooling on biology and food science. I spent most of my summers visiting my grandparent’s farm, in Chatham Kent, Ontario. Here, the exposure to different animal species and the agriculture industry sparked my passion for animal agriculture. I have always had a keen interest in biological studies, so entering the Animal Biology program for my undergrad at the University of Guelph, Ontario, was a straightforward decision.

During my undergraduate degree, I completed a summer internship at Hendrix Genetics, Hybrid, where I was first exposed to turkeys. My research there involving poult hatchability gave me an appreciation for poultry and led me to enrol in Dr. Elijah Kiarie’s poultry nutrition class. I later worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant on Lisa Hodgins’ trial, aiding in sample collection and bone ash processing.

I am now beginning my master’s thesis studying poultry nutrition with Dr. Elijah Kiarie. My research will explore the potential of a live Bacillus subtilis probiotic and a fermented soybean meal in overcoming the transient growth reduction that follows a coccidiosis vaccination in broilers. There is an ongoing concern surrounding antibiotic use with the development of antibiotic resistance. Coccidiosis is a prevalent disease in poultry and alternatives to antibiotics, such as vaccines, are being explored to reduce antibiotic resistance and to stimulate gut-mediated immunity. These coccidiosis vaccinations result in a detrimental growth lag, affecting the potential production and yield from broilers. With an increased global feed demand and protein requirement for the growing human population, the agricultural industry needs to increase production and efficiency to accomplish this feat. By improving broiler gut health and reducing their growth- lag after vaccination, birds will reach their maximum potential market weight more efficiently, aiding to meet market protein demands. I am currently in the planning phase for my trial and expect to begin it in Summer, 2021. 

Following my master’s, I wish to enter the monogastric nutrition industry. My current animals of interest to work with are poultry, fish, or companion animals. In my free time, I enjoy painting, taking care of my plants and cooking.