ABSc Qualifying Exam (QE) Survival Workshop

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Attention ABSc Grad Students! Are you prepping for an upcoming qualifying exam? Defence this Fall? Here is your opportunity to learn more about Departmental specific procedures for your exam, hear study and exam tips from fellow upper year students, and practice answering questions!

We are offering an ABSc specific QE workshop for the first time. The workshop will be approximately 2 hours and broken into 2 parts:

The first part will be a review of Departmental procedures and a panel discussion and Q&A period with Graduate Secretary Jacob Harwood, Graduate Committee Members Dr. Wendy Pearson and Dr. Katie Wood, and senior students who can share their experience. The second part will be a “mock” exam, where students will have an opportunity to practice answering a few questions in a relaxed environment. This is a great opportunity to connect with other students preparing for the same exams.

Although our main objective is to provide support and a sense of community for those that are prepping for F21 exams, we welcome students who will be completing their exams in later semesters to participate too!

If you are interested in this workshop, please sign up at the following link by Friday, October 1st.

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