Beyond genomic selection, managing inbreeding and diversity in the genomic era


ANNU 141


Dr. Christian Maltecca, an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University, will present a Special CGIL Seminar on Tuesday, May 1st. The seminar will begin at 1:30 pm in room 141 of the Animal Science & Nutrition building. The title of his presentation is: "Beyond genomic selection, managing inbreeding and diversity in the genomic era". 

Dr. Christian Maltecca is an associate professor of Quantitative Genetics and Genomics at the Animal Science Department of North Carolina State University and is part of the Genetics program and the Center for Comparative Medicine (CMI) of the same institution. Dr. Maltecca's research is focused on the genomic improvement of economically relevant traits in livestock. His main interests are in the area of genomic prediction and genome-wide association for functional traits. Additional research in his group is focused on the impact of genomic selection on long-term variation and fitness. In his research, he typically makes use of a combination of simulated data, large cross-sectional field data, as well as designed experiments.

As usual, this seminar will be remotely available via Fuze. Please let me know if you require further instruction on how to connect to Fuze.

Have a great week!

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