CCSAW Seminar: Laboratory rodent housing: expression of natural behaviours and improved welfare

Date and Time


 PAHL (Pathobiology/Animal Health Laboratory) Room 1800


Join us for a seminar by Dr. Joanna Makowska, Adjunct Professor in Applied Animal Biology at the University of British Columbia, and Laboratory Animal Advisor at the Animal Welfare Institute. She obtained her PhD from the Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia, where her work focused on laboratory rat housing and how it affects rat welfare. Joanna is passionate about understanding what different animals need and how best to provide them with a life worth living. For this CCSAW seminar, she will describe her research on laboratory rodents' motivation to perform various natural behaviors, including burrowing, climbing and upright standing in rats, and spatial segregation in mice. Ideas for how to implement some changes in a conventional facility will be covered.  

Join us after the talk in Rm 3826, PAHL, for a Meet and Greet with Dr. Makowska.

Program Organizers: Dr. Lee Niel (, Georgia Mason ( and Kimberly Sheppard (  


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