CNM Seminar: Application of modelling to solve animal production system problems

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MAY Installment of the 2021 ‘Virtual’ Nutrition Seminar Series, hosted by the Centre for Nutrition Modelling (Animal Biosciences Department).

Each month in 2021 a different lab within the Nutrition group will share their exciting new research in a dynamic virtual manner. Please feel free to forward these seminar invites to industry partners or others who may be interested.

In May we bring you:

Application of modelling to solve animal production system problems  

Ellis Lab

Background: Modelling represents a diverse set of methodologies that can be applied to solve a range of both theoretical and applied problems within animal production systems. The Ellis lab deals with a diverse group of topics and species, but the underlying commonality is using math, modelling and statistics to generate hypothesis, increase understanding and aid in decision making within complex biological systems. This talk will showcase modelling approaches from meta-analysis, to mechanistic modelling, to machine learning, and the animal production problems they solve.

Featured graduate students:

Vicki Brisson (MSc candidate) – modelling B vitamin utilization in dairy cows

Anthony Maraj (MSc candidate) – modelling growth and performance of conventional and slow-growing broilers

Christopher Powell (PDF, UofG; Research Scientist, Trouw Nutrition) – modelling digestion, metabolism and P excretion in veal calves fed solid feed and milk replacer

Sarah Adams (PhD candidate) – model application for precision dairy systems – hybridization of mechanistic modelling and machine learning

Jihao You (PhD candidate), Kendra Hall (MSc candidate) – modelling pellet quality using meta-analysis and machine learning methodologies


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