CNM Seminar: 'Change the animal or change the box you put it in?' (Osborne Lab)

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The Centre for Nutrition Modelling (a Centre of Excellence with Animal Biosciences) would like to invite you to attend the JUNE Installment of the 2021 ‘Virtual’ Nutrition Seminar Series.

Each month in 2021 a different lab within the Nutrition group will share their exciting new research in a dynamic virtual manner. Please check your email for the MS Teams link and feel free to forward the invite to industry partners or others who may be interested.

In June we bring you:

‘Change the animal or change the box you put it in?’ - Osborne Lab


In this month’s CNM talk, Dr. Vern Osborne will present on ‘Alternative delivery of adjunct nutrients’ and the ‘Future Ontario farms as biosphere generators’.

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In addition, PhD candidate Angela Wilson will present her research on ‘dynamic housing of lactating dairy cow’. 

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Please join us on June 22 from 11:30AM-12:30PM and expect a good discussion!

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