If consumers are from Mars, then animal breeders are from...?


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Dr. Michael Lohuis
Dr. Michael Lohuis


Dr. Michael Lohuis, the Vice-President, Research & Innovation for Semex Alliance, will present a CGIL Seminar on Friday, May 4th. The seminar will begin at 1:15 pm in room 141 of the Animal Science & Nutrition building. The title of his presentation is: "If consumers are from Mars, then animal breeders are from...?". 

Dr. Lohuis is Vice-President, Research & Innovation for Semex Alliance (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) a global dairy and beef breeding cooperative with sales of genetic products and services worldwide. Semex actively utilizes genetic, genomic and reproductive technologies to accelerate genetic progress for production, health and economic traits in cattle. From 1998-2017, Dr. Lohuis worked at Monsanto company (St. Louis, MO) leading a range of R&D programs in animal and plant genetics & genomics, statistics, patent science and environmental & climate change modeling. Prior to joining Monsanto, Dr. Lohuis was an Assistant Professor in the Animal Breeding Department, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He obtained his Ph.D. in animal breeding and B.Sc. in animal science at the University of Guelph. Dr. Lohuis began his career in the Canadian dairy cattle breeding industry as a bull procurement expert and research coordinator of advance reproductive technology trials.

As usual, this seminar will be remotely available via Fuze. Please let me know if you require further instruction on how to connect to Fuze.

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Erin Massender (emassend@uoguelph.ca)


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