Upcoming restart of all ABSc Linux servers

Date and Time


On Nov. 9th from 9 am to 5 pm, all of our departmental servers have to be physically relocated within the data center to accommodate a larger renovation project that CCS is undertaking in that space.  This means that ALL of our servers will need to be powered down, disconnected, moved, and reconnected before being turned back on.  During this time there will be no availability to our servers.  The services that will be down are:

  • all ABSc network drives (e.g. "public" (usually mapped to P:\ in Windows), your personal "home" drive (labeled with your username and H:\ usually), any team specific shared drives such as "tdevriesshare" (S:\ usually), "mainoffice" etc.)
  • SSH access to "signal" and all compute Linux servers such as "speed", "eramosa", "sloof" along with the /home and /data storage
  • the ABSc and CGIL websites
  • any other personal websites and/or webapps that are running on our webserver
  • all databases that are running on any of our servers
  • accessing applications like SAS via the "public" network drive

Examples of some services that will NOT be affected by this at all are: UofG email account, OneDrive account, WiFi access in our building, Courselink, UofG/CCS website, our AV rooms/classrooms, our networked printers/photocopiers, video conferencing tools like Teams, listservs.

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