“Best Student Talk” and “Best Student Poster” at the UoG CCSAW Research Day 2018

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2018

Congrats to our “Best Student Talk and Poster” Winners!
Congratulations to Stephanie Croyle and Caitlyn Decina who tied for “Best Student Talk” and to Julie Krumma who won “Best Student Poster” at our 11th Annual CCSAW Research Symposium!
Croyle gave an enthusiastic, engaging presentation on the perceptions of dairy farmers towards communication pertaining to receiving feedback and advice related to animal welfare issues on farm. Her aim was to was to identify expectations in order facilitate communication for key advice such as on farm consultants.
Decina talked about the association between management and feather damage of hens in furnished cages. She found that feather damage as a result of feather pecking is a multifactorial problem and supports existing evidence that feather damage increases as birds age. Her results suggest that genetics, feeding patterns/management, and access to (or lack of) a scratch area of any type play a role in feather damage prevalence in furnished cages.
Krumma presented her poster on gut motility in laying hens with different propensities for feather pecking behaviour. Her study is ongoing.
All abstracts can be found on the Campbell Centre Website.

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