Agri-Food Excellence Symposium - Infographic Poster Competition

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Food from Thought and the Arrell Food Institute are pleased the announce the launch of the Infographic Poster Competition being held as part of the Agri-Food Excellence Symposium at the University of Guelph, June 24-26, 2019. 

Audiences at this event are expected to be senior industry executives, senior government and policy personnel, leaders in research and science, academics, and not-for-profits, among others.

University of Guelph graduate students and post-doctoral fellows doing work in areas related to Food from Thought and Arrell Food Institute research are invited to submit an Abstract Application using the form attached and submit to Food from Thought ( no later than Wednesday, May 22 at 4pm.

In addition to top networking opportunities and bragging rights, prizes will be awarded in two competition categories:

A) Research Excellence Award: 1st Prize ($400); 2nd Prize ($200), 3rd Prize ($100).

B) People's Choice Award ($400).

Winners of the Research Excellence Award will be selected by a Symposium judge’s panel and the winner of the People's Choice Award will be selected by Symposium attendees' silent, anonymous vote during the Welcome Reception on June 24.  Winners will be announced at the Symposium Dinner on June 25.

Competition Details:

The competition is a two-stage process:

- The first stage consists of submitting an Infographic Poster Abstract application and is open to everyone meeting the Eligibility criteria;

- The second stage consists of submitting an Infographic Poster and is open to only those invited to participate in stage two.

More details can be found here.

Questions on the Infographic Poster Competition may be submitted in writing to the Food from Thought email ( up until Noon on May 21, 2019.



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