Research in Animal Biology II

Course Code: 
V. Osborne
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Winter
Additional Information: 


To sign in ANSC4700, ANSC4710: : 

  1. You require 14 credits to take ANSC4700, and require to have taken or co-take ANSC4700 to take ANSC4710
  2. Identify a professor that is willing to supervise you in the course
  3. Pick up a course waiver form (form #1)  in the guidance counselor’s office (science complex or UC) to be filled out, along with course information/agreement form (form #2) - attached as a link below.
  4. After the course waiver form (form #1)  is filled and the student-advisor agreement (form #2)  is signed, bring it to the Ms. Karina McKenzie in the main office (Rm.144)
  5. The waiver form will be signed by the course coordinator (Dr. Julang Li) on Thursday each week except for the week of November 5th, which will be signed on Tuesday November 6, 2018.
  6. Once the waiver form is signed, you can pick up the form from Ms. Karina McKenzie. You hand the signed waiver form to the receptionists at the counselor’s office, they will add you into the course online. 


Please click on the attached file to retrieve the Course Information/Agreement Form